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Charmouth Collection - Ultra Rare Red Sea Glass Necklace

Charmouth Collection - Ultra Rare Red Sea Glass Necklace

  • Solid 9 carat gold fine belcher chain

    Chain Length 18 inches


    One of the rarest shades to find, this beautiful dark cherry red piece was found on the beautiful Dorset coast. Completely one of a kind, I was blown away when I found this piece. A gorgeous piece , a dark red with cooler pink tones. 

    Please note that each piece is completely individual and has been worn by the waves over many years. This particular piece has a tiny pin sized hole in it which is barely noticable. This in my eyes is not an imperfection but part of its unique story. Please contact me if you have any further questions.




    A completely unique and handcrafted product which is made to order.

    One available only.

    All of my pieces are one of a kind, if you have a specific request please do contact me.


    Each order receives a little card with the location of where I found that particular piece of sea glass.

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