I am a Brighton based designer, beach lover and avid sea glass collector.


My jewellery pieces are all handcrafted by myself using sea glass which I have found along the beaches of various locations and destinations including my hometown Brighton, my motherland France, and Greek Islands.


The pieces are made using precious materials, such as 9ct gold and turquoise beads. My designs are inspired by each individual piece of sea glass. Its shape and colour informing my designs. 

I really love working with sea glass, as once lightly tumbled, the glass becomes iridescent, just as it is when I find a piece sparkling on the shoreline. 

I love that every piece I make is completely unique and also recycling what to some may be considered a waste material.


I have a young daughter and am making all of the jewellery to order, so please allow approximately 1-2 week lead time.


I hope that you enjoy browsing my work, and please do get in touch if you have something particular in mind, as I do take commissions.