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A yearning to be close to the sea, which stems back from Charlotte's childhood and the desire to create with her hands, has culminated in her first jewellery collection.

Charlotte scours coastlines to collect sea glass, which she transforms into delicate and organic jewellery reminiscent of warm summer days. Notes are meticulously kept of the locations each piece is found, allowing the wearer a visual connection to the jewellery.  


From the calm respite of life's noise that beachcombing offers, to the salvaged sea glass gently rounded by waves, her work embraces a slower pace, celebrating the history of each find. Charlotte is fascinated and inspired by the colours and uniqueness of each piece that she finds, as they not only tell the story of her travels, but of an affinity to the area it was found.

Drawing from the seascapes of her travel; this consciously crafted collection of one-off designs, combine Mediterranean azures, turquoise and emerald shades with fine, glistening gold.

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